ACTS Occupational and Physical Therapy, 1700 Kaliste Saloom Road, Ste 300, Bldg 3, Lafayette, LA (2024) (2024)

Join us for a peek into the day in the life of Natalie, a Pelvic Floor Therapist from our Moon Township, PA, clinic.

Join us as we celebrate #HandTherapyWeek! Step into a day in the life of Alexis, an Occupational Therapist who works in hand therapy within the Upstream Family of Clinical Care.

April is Celebrate Diversity Month, and within the Upstream Rehabilitation Family of Clinical Care, we’re excited to honor the richness and uniqueness that each of us brings to our workplace. Diversity shapes our culture, our care, and our commitment to excellence.

Season's greetings from Upstream Rehabilitation Family of Clinical Care. Wishing our patients, family and friends a wonderful holiday season full of good health, peace, and joy. ✨

Thankful for the compassionate physical therapists within the Upstream Family of Clinical Care, bringing healing and support to 1200+ clinics nationwide.#PTMonth

Healthy aging starts with small changes. Eating nutritious food, regular exercise, and stress-relieving techniques can have a big impact on your overall health and well-being. Our physical therapists can help with a custom exercise plan tailored to your needs, goals, and abilities.Let's make this #HealthyAgingMonth count!

Fall Sports Safety Tips

Let's get ready for the fall sports season! Make sure your young athlete is prepared by following these safety tips.It's time to have fun, stay active, and stay healthy!

Summer days are here! Our #UpstreamFamily dove right in — field trips, fundraisers, and FUN!What fun activities do you have planned?

Our #UpstreamFamily is out and about making a difference! We’re helping to educate, provide medical services, and support our communities - how amazing is that?!

Our #upstreamfamily is continuing to make a difference by supporting great causes like local TLC 5ks, Walk for Wellness, Walk MS, Paint the Plaza Purple for Alzheimer, and Run for Down Syndrome.Together, we can make a positive impact in our communities.

Our #UpstreamFamily has been meeting the community where they are - from sponsoring a hole to benefit the Foundation for Physical Therapy Research to a Community Wellness Tour and local events.We proudly serve 28 states nationwide with a mission to inspire and empower lives, serve our communities, and lead with purpose-driven passion.

From our #UpstreamFamily to yours, Happy New Year!Thank you for keeping us in your corner! 2023 is a new chance to go after your goals, and we will be with you every step of the way.

Upstream Pillars with Purpose and Save the Brave

Veterans Day is a special day to remember all individuals who have served our country. We are deeply grateful for your dedication and sacrifice.Veterans Day and every day, our Upstream Family is passionate about helping those in our community through our Upstream Pillars With Purpose initiatives.Some of the many ways we focus on giving back to our communities is through charitable contributions, community outreach, and highlighting volunteer efforts from our associates, including one of the most recent causes supported through Pillars With Purpose, a critically important organization called Save The Brave.Robbe Bendick, Executive Director of Philanthropy for Upstream Rehabilitation’s Pillars with Purpose, sat down with Dylan to see what inspired him to donate his time to such a worthy cause. Read more on our blog:

PT Month - Meet Misty

Our physical therapists are committed to leading the way to good health and they love what they do! Meet Misty, learn about her unique career path, and find out why she loves to be part of the #UpstreamFamily of clinical care.

Upstream Family of Clinical Care - Meet Our PTS for PT Month

Our physical therapists are committed to leading the way to good health and they love what they do! Meet Mike from one of our clinics in Pennsylvania and find out why he loves to be part of the #UpstreamFamily of clinical care.#PTMonth #ChoosePT

Healthy Aging Month - How Much Physical Activity?

How much physical activity is the right amount? September is Healthy Aging Month and we have our final video in the series we've been sharing all month long highlighting the importance of physical activity over the next few weeks featuring Craig O'Neil, our Chief Clinical Officer.

How to Properly Carry Objects

Carrying items incorrectly can cause pain! Hunter Arceneaux, PT demonstrates how to correctly bend and how to engage your core to safely carry items. Carrying with one hand and shoulder carrying are demonstrated as well as other tips to keep your back safe!#actsphysicaltherapy#gettheresultsyouneed

How to Lift Objects Without Hurting Your Back

Have you ever wondered if you are correctly lifting an item? Hunter Arceneaux, PT demonstrates proper lifting techniques using your legs and hips correctly to distribute the weight. He also shows us how to lift items off of the floor and overhead to maintain back health.#actsphysicaltherapy#gettheresultsyouneed#howtoliftobjects

3 Advanced Core Exercises

Shelby LeBlanc, our Physical Therapist, shows you how to do 3 advanced core exercises you can do at home on a mat. Core exercises are important for overall abdominal and back health!#actsphysicaltherapy#gettheresultsyouneed#coreexercises

3 Basic Core Exercises

Shelby LeBlanc, our Physical Therapist in Scott shows you basic core exercises. These are easy to get you started if you have not engaged your core muscles in a long time. Core muscles are important for back and abdominal health.#actsphysicaltherapy#gettheresultsyouneed#coreexercises

ACTS Occupational and Physical Therapy, 1700 Kaliste Saloom Road, Ste 300, Bldg 3, Lafayette, LA (2024) (2024)
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