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Make gaming inclusive for everyone

Video games and esports should be welcoming and inclusive to all. Diverse player communities are more fun and more competitive.

We invite you to join us in creating a gaming ecosystem that welcomes everyone and includes all, no matter their shape, size, color, gender, background, disability, or beliefs.

By taking this pledge, you promise to make a difference as a positive and inclusive citizen in your own gaming spaces.

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Quest for ten million

AnyKey is on a mission to reach 10,000,000 signatures by 2025 and we need your help!

After you take the GLHF pledge you'll receive a unique referral link you can share with your community. Each person you recruit to sign the pledge adds a point to your score.

If you want the bragging rights for being the most inclusive gamer of the year, you'll have to contend with the other leaders on the board. Ready for the challenge?

Request your link if you don't have one yet!

Show off your pledge on Twitch

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Take the GLHF pledge and link your Twitch ID to unlock the exclusive GLHF global chat badge on Twitch!

Once connected, you can equip the badge in your profile and show your support for inclusive gaming and positive communities in any Twitch chat.

GLHF is a promise to...


Be a good sport whether I win or lose


Know that people online are real people and my words have real impact


Set a positive example with my behavior


Speak up against discrimination, hate speech, harassment, and abuse


Show integrity by honoring the rules, my opponents, and my teammates


Stop, listen, and reassess if I’m told that my words or actions are harmful


Respect others, even if their sincere opinions are different from my own

Be the key to a better community

By signing this pledge, you vow to help make your online gaming spaces more inclusive for everyone. You have agreed to play by these seven promises and to hold other pledge-takers to the same standard. That means you will stand up, speak out, and report when you see harassment and discrimination happening in your communities.

If you see someone sporting the badge causing trouble in a stream, please file a report so that our ComfyCrew can review the situation. To ensure that AnyKey represents a universal symbol of respect and inclusion, we will permanently revoke the badge from anyone who is seen to be abusing it.

File a Report

Harassment means actions such as:

  • Discrimination, hate speech, offensive behavior, or verbal abuse related to sex, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, disability, physical appearance, body size, age, or religion
  • Stalking or intimidation either physically or online
  • Spamming, raiding, hijacking, or inciting disruption of streams or social media
  • Posting or threatening to post other people’s personally identifying information (“doxing”)
  • Unwelcome sexual attention including sexualized comments, jokes, and sexual advances
  • Advocating for, or encouraging, any of the above behavior

Discrimination also includes:

  • Sharing hurtful or mean-spirited memes
  • Making casually bigoted comments or jokes (e.g. “that’s so gay”, “you play like a girl”, etc.)
  • Trash-talking in a way that focuses on someone’s personal traits instead of on their gaming skill

Keep your space comfy

Whether you lead an esports team or host a variety stream, you're welcome to use the GLHF pledge in your community. We offer the pledge in three formats: a poster, a one page promise, and a set of chat rules.

GLHF Pledge | AnyKey (2)

Printable Poster

Hang this 11"x17" poster prominently in all your community's shared spaces like arenas, lobbies, lounges, and anywhere else you spend time together IRL.

Download Poster GLHF Pledge Wall Hanging

GLHF Pledge | AnyKey (3)

Signable Promise

Distribute copies of this sheet to every member of your group and make sure that signing is a mandatory requirement for participation.

Download Handout GLHF Pledge Promise

GLHF Pledge | AnyKey (4)

Pasteable Chat Rules

Set up this simple text as a prompt in any chat spaces you oversee like Discord servers or Twitch streams.

Copy Text GLHF Pledge Chat Rules

Join 1,718,133 of your fellow gamers sporting the badge

It was a great feeling to see those badges everywhere in twitch. It's like a light in the darkness for those looking for someone they can talk with or get to know. It's also a reminder to me to be more positive and to help others.

Losing that badge.. is like losing a friend.

— Pacid Games (@PacidGames) January 7, 2018

It wasn't just good to know I was rocking an emblem for respect and kindness in the community, but seeing it in droves in a Twitch chat has always been a good sign that I can expect good behaviour there!

— Brandon O’Brien | an eager clumsy hummingbird (@therisingtithes) January 1, 2018

I loved the fact that when anyone joined my channel, I could see they were dedicated to creating the kind of community I believe in. It was a sense of trust and understanding that was instantaneous! I repped it to provide that same understanding when I popped in to other channels

— Michael 'MTNrhyno' (@MTNrhyno) January 6, 2018

the glhf badge stands for a netiquette everybody should feel responsible for #glhfpledge

— Patrick (@strahleHarris) January 1, 2018

It brings the topic of fair play and having fun up rather than tryharding against each other. I find that to be very healthy and enjoyed that. It also fosters a good community vibe.

— Yoonz (@TheYoonz) January 1, 2018

it gave me confidence in new viewers, knowing that they weren't just going to be trolls, but would likely be good people that just want to play games and have fun 🤗

— 🛡code diva🛡 (@codedivagames) January 1, 2018

It felt amazing to see the badge right by so many other names as I went from stream to stream. It gave me a bit of hope and courage to try streaming on my own. 💖

— 🇵🇷 Elly 🏳️‍🌈 🔜 Crunchyroll Expo! (@ellyberries) January 11, 2018

About AnyKey

AnyKey is an advocacy group that supports diversity, inclusion, and equity in competitive gaming. We amplify, connect, and empower underrepresented players and their allies through research and strategic initiatives.

Through our programs we aim to increase representation, improve participation, and foster more positive community spaces in gaming for players of any kind. AnyKey is made possible through a partnership between ESL and Intel.

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GLHF Pledge | AnyKey (2024)
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