Drew Starkey Girlfriend, Dating History, Wife, Parents, Siblings (2024)

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Drew Starkey is an American actor, who rose to prominence with the Netflix series Outer Banks. He has also appeared in many other movies and TV shows that include Love, Simon (2018), The Hate U Give (2018), and a few others.

Over the years, he has appeared in numerous movies and TV series. Well, with all the popularity that he has achieved over the years, there has also been a lot of curiosity about Drew Starkey’s girlfriend. So, is he dating a girl or is he already married?

Here, we will talk in detail about his career, family details, girlfriends, and much more about his personal life.

  • Drew is one of four children between his mother and father.
  • He has two sisters and one brother.
  • Starkey is famous for appearing in Outer Banks.
  • He reportedly dated Odessa A’zion and Claire Van der Linden.
  • His net worth is around $750,000.

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Drew Starkey Wiki

Starkey was born on 3 June 1993, in North Carolina, United States. As a child, he spent his early days in his hometown Los Angeles, United States.

His Age and Height

Talking about his age, he is 29 years old at present. Likewise, he has a height of 5 ft 8 inches, ie. 172 cm.

Where did Drew Study?

He did his schooling at St. Stephens High School, Hickory, and finished his higher education at Western Carolina University.

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Nevertheless, when it comes to the identity of Drew’s parents, he prefers to not reveal their identity in public. We hope he will talk about his family someday.

Drew Starkey’ Parents Divorced When He Was a Kid

Like any other kid, Drew is close to his parents, but he did not get to spend much time with them as they divorced when he was still a kid.

As of 2023, his mother Jodi Ballard Hutto is married to Brian Hutto, and they together reside in Stanley, North Carolina.

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On the other hand, his father, Todd Starkey, has remained unmarried throughout and works as a basketball coach at Kent State University in Ohio.

Drew Starkey Has Three Siblings

Drew has three siblings, two sisters Brooke Starkey and Mackayla Starkey, and a brother Logan Starkey. All three seem pretty close to each other.

The siblings still share a strong bond and often share beautiful photos on their social media. Check out one of the photos where the brothers cheer their sister after graduating.

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That is adorable, isn’t it?

Movies And TV Shows: Made His Acting Debut with Love, Simon in 2018

The North Carolina native Drew has appeared in many movies and TV shows. He made his acting debut with the 2018 romantic comedy film Love, Simon. In the series, he portrayed the character named Garrett.

After Love, Simon, he became part of the Drama/Crime The Hate U Give in 2018. Despite all these appearances, he gained prominence only after his appearances in the 2020 Netflix Series Outer Banks.

He is the regular cast in the series and appears as the lead character named Rafe Cameron.

Drew Starkey Gained Fame After Appearing in Outer Banks

Drew’s most successful project as an actor is Outer Banks. In the series, he portrays the character named Rafe Cameron, the older brother of the lead character Sarah Cameron, which is portrayed by Madelyn Cline.

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The story revolves around a group of teenagers who are committed to finding out the mysteries about the missing father of the group’s ringleader, John B. (Stokes).

It premiered on April 15, 2020, and also stars actors like Madison Bailey, Austin North, Jonathan Daviss, Charles Esten, and others featured as the lead.

Who Is Drew Starkey’s Dating Girlfriend?

Drew is rumored to be dating his Hellraiser, co-star, Odessa A’zion. Speculations about their affair started when he shared a couple of photos and stories on his Instagram account with Odessa.

The chemistry between them was pretty much evident in the photos. As soon as photos between the two started making round in the internet, many fans even started shipping them. So much so that there were even edited videos of the two all over TikTok.

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In an interview, Starkey hinted at his relationship with A’zion. Although he was talking about their role in a fictional series, his words really resonated with us. He said,

“The relationship between the two kind of goes along with the theme of desire and temptation,” Starkey wrote. “What you want in your life or what you desire, ultimately the further you go into it, it just hurts you more and more. It was really fun to play.”

Nevertheless, as of now Drew has removed all of his photos with Odessa. This means one thing, either he didn’t like the kind of attention he was getting or he was not dating A’zion in the first place.

His Past Affairs

If reports are to be believed Drew was once dating his Love Is the Longest Con co-star Claire Van der Linden.

Well, despite the anonymous claims that Claire is his girlfriend, the two did not come forward officially to address the rumors. The alleged couple had been spotted together numerous times. In fact, they were also spotted together having a beautiful time at a beautiful beach. They reportedly began dating back in 2014 and broke-up sometimes later.

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Speaking of which, Claire is an actress too. She appeared in films and TV shows like The Radical Notion of Gene Mutation (2014), Empire (2015), and Knives and Skin (2019).

Reportedly Had a Relationship Before Current Girlfriend

As reported by celebsuburb reporters, Drew Starkey was also linked with a girl named Rachel Fox Marie in the past. Rumors of their affair came out when he shared a picture with Rachel in 2018 with the caption, “love doves.”

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Just like his current romance, Drew neither confirmed nor denied this lovey-dovey.

Is He Married?

29 years old Drew is not married yet. Also, he has not revealed his wedding plans. It looks like marriage is not in the plans for a long time. That said, we would love to see him married to a beautiful wife.

What is Drew Starkey’s Net Worth?

As of 2023, Starkey’s net worth is roughly estimated at $750,000. He makes money mainly from his TV appearance.

At present, Outer Banks serves as a major source of income for Drew Starkey.

He Is Active On Instagram

Like many other celebrities, Drew is also on Instagram. He has over 3.1 million followers on the platform. He is quite regular and pretty much gives insight into his personal and professional life through the platform.

Other Interesting Facts About Drew Starkey

Favorite Actors: Tom Holland and Natalie Portman

Favorite TV Show: Game of Thrones

Favored Food: Continental

Hobbies: Photography

Drew Starkey Girlfriend, Dating History, Wife, Parents, Siblings (2024)


Who all has Drew Starkey dated? ›

Outside of the rumors swirling between him and A'zion, Starkey hasn't been romantically linked with anyone other than Claire Van der Linden. Van der Linden is also an actress known for her work in the short film "The Radical Notion of Gene Mutation," "Empire," and "Knives and Skin."

Are Drew Starkey and Odessa A Zion in a relationship? ›

In summary, Drew Starkey, recognized for his versatile talent in film and television, is currently in a relationship with actress Odessa A'zion. Their connection blossomed during the filming of “Hellraiser” in 2022.

Who is Drew Starkeys' ex? ›

In the early 2010s, Starkey reportedly dated Claire Van der Linden while attending college. The duo even co-starred in the short film, The Radical Notion of Gene Mutation, together. Van der Linden is also an actress, likely known for her appearances in the TV shows Empire and Chicago Med.

How many siblings does Drew Starkey have? ›

Drew has a close-knit family, including one brother and two sisters. His brother, Logan Starkey, is also an actor and has appeared in various productions, including the film, The Longest Ride. Brooke Starkey is Drew's older sister, and Mackayla Starkey is his younger sister.

Are Sarah and John B together in real life? ›

The pair were together for less than a year before they called it quits and Us confirmed the split in November 2021, after season 2 of Outer Banks was released on Netflix. Despite their breakup, neither of the Stranger Things alums let it ruin their onscreen dynamic.

Are any of the Outer Banks cast dating in real life? ›

As it turns out, Chase and Madelyn aren't the only people to have met their significant other on the cast of Outer Banks. Indeed, Rudy is actually dating Elaine Siemek, who serves as an assistant to Outer Banks' showrunner Jonas Pate.

Where does Drew Starkey live now? ›

Personal life. Starkey lives in Los Angeles.

Who is Odessa a Zion related to? ›

Odessa A'zion
Years active2011−present
ParentPamela Adlon (mother)
FamilyGideon Adlon (sister) Percy Adlon (paternal grandfather)
2 more rows

Who did Zion play with in college? ›

College: Duke

During his senior year (2017–18), Williamson committed to play college basketball for Duke University. At the time, he was regarded as the second best prospect in the country, behind R.J. Barrett, who would be his teammate at Duke.

Who is Rudy Pankow married to? ›

Personal life. Since 2020, Pankow has been in a relationship with showrunner assistant and photographer Elaine Siemek, who has also been working on Outer Banks since the start of its production.

What is Drew Starkey's real name? ›

Joseph Andrew Starkey (born November 4, 1993) is an American actor.

Who is Sarah from Outer Banks dating? ›

Chase Stokes

After filming Outer Banks season 1, Cline and Stokes started dating. They went public in 2020 and were together for more than a year.

What are some interesting facts about Drew Starkey? ›

  • Hobbies include, writing, baseball, basketball, football, body surfing, mountain climbing, mountain biking, fishing, weight-lifting, trap and skeet-shooting, swimming, juggling, Frisbee and golf.
  • Plays piano.

What is Drew Starkeys' mom's name? ›

Drew Starkey Parents, Meet Mother Jodi Ballard Hutto And Father Todd Starkey. News: Drew Starkey, the accomplished American actor, is the offspring of Jodi Ballard Hutto and Todd Starkey.

How much does Drew Starkey weigh? ›

How much does Drew Starkey weigh? The American actor weighs 174 lbs (79 kgs).

Who dated each other on Outer Banks? ›

Madelyn Cline and Chase Stokes' Relationship Timeline. Madelyn Cline and Chase Stokes dated for over a year before announcing their breakup in November 2021. The costars met in 2019, just weeks before filming began on Outer Banks season 1.

Who is Rafes' girlfriend? ›

Sofia is a recurring character that was first introduced in season 3. She is portrayed by Fiona Paloma. She is the possible lover of Rafe Cameron.

Who has Rudy Pankow dated? ›

Appearing on the hit series Outer Banks brought Rudy Pankow more than just fame — it's also how he met his girlfriend, Elaine Siemek. The two both work on the Netflix series — Pankow plays JJ Maybank and Siemek works as an assistant.

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