Vegetarian Mushroom Wellington Recipe (2024)

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This is fabulously delicious! But, the directions are unnecessarily fussy. Basically, the mushrooms get caramelized/browned/sautéed/whatever, until all the moisture is gone. No need to use an ice bath to cool the mushroom mixture. Use portobello caps, or not. Just make sure to brown them enough that the mushroom moisture is gone. Chop some of the rest of the mushrooms fine in a food processor, the rest coarsely in the processor. Again, make sure the moisture is gone when you brown them.


Alexa, this needed to be filmed. I'm an 83 year-old widower and as I read through the recipe and preparation, my mouth was watering. I will never attempt to prepare this dish but I sure enjoyed reading about it.Many thanks.


This was a huge hit last night - time-consuming but not difficult to make and very tasty. It didn't have much structural integrity, especially in the middle where filling was thickest. If I make it again, I'll leave out the portobellos - they didn't contribute additional flavor and their thickness made it harder to slice. The onions were a delicious addition - I'll figure out someplace else to use them.


If using Pepperidge Farm puff pastry, it comes in two sheets, each 9" x 9" and totalling 18 oz. Use both sheets. Once thawed, lay them side by side with a 1-2" overlap going the same direction as the creases in the pastry. With water or beaten egg, lightly moisten between the two sheets in the overlap zone. Then cut off 1/3 of one sheet along the crease. This brings the pastry down to 14 ounces. Roll it out to 13" x 16" and place the fillings across the short dimension.


instead of nuts, try water chestnuts (actually a tuber) .. they give crunch even when cooked. Also you could try seeds: sunflower gives nice crunch.


This was absolutely phenomenal! You can easily cut the oil down. I cut it down by about 1/4 cup and there was still oil seeping out during the bake and it was plenty moist.The prep time, especially sectioning and dicing mushrooms, was very time consuming so recommend doing that the day before. Do chill the mushrooms and onions in the fridge. They should be the same temp as the puff pastry so it doesn't melt on contact and become difficult to manage.

Alexa Weibel, Senior Staff Editor, NYT Cooking

100%! This is rich enough to reheat well. Or, better yet, prepare the fillings ahead of time and refrigerate overnight (or up to 3 days), then assemble and bake just before serving.


I made this vegan for friendsgiving and it was a huge hit. I followed the recipe exactly using Pepperidge Farm puff pastry (it's vegan!), margarine, and vegetable oil for the egg wash as my only changes. It held together well, the portobello was a nice 'surprise' and I think helped during the construction process as well. The mushroom filling was so good; I didn't quite use all of it and have been eating the leftovers on crackers.


To Susan M. We have a nut allergy person here too. I have substituted garbanzo beans (canned, dried with paper towels and fried in olive oil until crispy and browned, seasoned with whatever you like) for nuts. I would think that would work here.


Made this last night. It was delicious. Got through all the steps and was getting ready to roll out the puff pastry when I realized I had defrosted filo dough. Oops! Used 5 layers ( each brushed with butter), folded it over the filling and added some crunched up filo on top. I was making half a recipe anyway, but it held together nicely and looked beautiful.


This is the most confusing recipe I've ever used! However, I found this video for a similar Wellington: About 5 minutes in, they show how to assemble the version they use (which is vegan). That helped me to sort out the portobello arrangement.


I didn't understand the point of buying a bunch of pricey mixed mushrooms, only to make them into a duxelle where they could be anything. Instead, I bought two pounds of cremini and added a small handful of dried porcini. I added the chopped porcini with the mushroom batches, then the soaking liquid in step 4.


I made this recipe for NYE dinner with one exception...instead of using the puffed pastry, I served it over polenta layering the carmelized onion, mushroom filling, and then the portobello mushroom (sliced) on top. It was delicious and the polenta complemented it nicely.


I made this today as a test for Thanksgiving and it was absolutely delicious. I decided not do it for the holiday table because I have a very large family and it wouldn’t feed enough of them even as a side. And it is a bit too expensive to make more than one. I would definitely do it for a more intimate gathering; however, I would prepare the mushrooms and onions in advance so I could just assemble it and prepare the sauce the day I serve it since it was somewhat time consuming.

Susan M.

Can anyone suggest a substitute for the walnuts? We have a nut allergy in the family.


When I set out in search for a recipe for my dinner party’s entree, I didn’t expect my friends to end up chanting “WELLY. WELLY. WELLY.” by the end of the night. Well(y) that’s what happened. To feed 12 guests, I made two of these wellingtons the day before, and had them ready to go in the oven when guests arrived. They were a HIT. The different textures, depth and contrast of flavor, and beauty of presentation blew everyone away. The port reduction is a must!10/10

Kevin & Renato

Definitely prep all the filling way in advance or the day before. When it’s all cold it’s easier to assemble and mold into shape on the dough.On the port wine reduction, I followed the recipe very closely but after 40 minutes it didn’t reduce down to 1/2 cup. More like 1 1/2 cups.


Very good and stunning table piece. Left out the Portobello mushrooms. Don't skimp on the onion, double the sauce. Make filling and onions the day before if you can: saves time.


Prepare to feast! This is a special & tasty centerpiece for the holidays. I’ve made it twice for Christmas dinner with much delight from vegetarian & meat loving guests alike. It’s not difficult, but it is time consuming, so this year I made it a day in advance, lightly covering it with foil & refrigerating. I absentmindedly did the egg wash in advance & it still turned out okay. This year I substituted fried & chopped chickpeas for the walnuts for a loved one with an allergy. Worked great!


I'm sure a more talented cook could have done this better but for me it seemed to be too much work for the outcome.

Elizabeth G.

I made and served this for a winter solstice party. Yes, it’s time consuming. Yes, I made most of it the day before. Yes, it basically fell apart when I tried to cut it. And NO, it didn’t last long. My guests kept complementing me on the “Beef” Wellington. The mushrooms are a wonderful way to make this recipe. The port wine reduction is a must. Will certainly make again.


Delicious! Made this for a NYE dinner with king oyster mushrooms, halved lengthwise and roasted after brushing with oil and Worcestershire, instead of the Portobello mushrooms. I also used much less oil for sautéing the filling (maybe half). Will definitely make again, and maybe play with other roast vegetables subbed in for the Portobello (like large carrots or maybe beets). Making and cooling the fillings ahead of time helped with easy assembly.


This was really good! A few notes: really make sure to get all that moisture out, in both the mushroom mix and the onions. I had trouble fitting all of the filling into one log, but perhaps that was my mistake; I didn't roll it out as carefully as I should have. Another commentator also mentioned the Pepperidge Farm puff pastry sizing issue. Since the freezer pastry comes with two sheets I ended up making a second (smaller) log for the rest.


This is delicious, but if you know how to cook you should ignore directions/amounts and only use ingredient list. Instructions are too fussy; there is way too much oil and salt. Use intuition on oil (I used 3 tbsp butter, 2 tbsp EVOO overall) and season to taste.Caramelize onions and brown mushrooms etc. in two skillets (portobellas first, then the rest with no batching on second set) — do not use ice bath, cool by open window, easy. Cut puff pastry to make individual Wellingtons — easier :)


Made this three times now, trying variations. Use more port ( the frying of the portabello) and I added a layer of feta before the onion layer. Made the filing a day in advance, draining excess moisture into the port sauce. Got great responses


Easily the best recipe I've made all year from the NYTCooking! It does take a lot of time. Though it is time well spent. Don't skip the port reduction. My NYE guests had no idea it was meatless. Thanks for this showstopper.

Karen T.

Incredible dish for the holidays. A table centerpiece and a show-stopper. Not hard to make, just time-consuming. I agree: don’t need to do all the mixed mushrooms, though I did, and also do not need the portobellos in the middle. It makes a lovely-looking layered effect, but it is less easy to cut through. Definitely use the port wine reduction. That adds a special acid tang that you will love.


My son and I combined forces to make this Christmas entree. It was fabulous! A few tiny missteps didn’t make it suffer. A lot of effort but well worth it! Served it with my jazzed up cranberry sauce, roasted glazed sriracha carrots, and mashed potatoes.


Big hit! I replaced the portobello mushroom with a grilled pealed eggplant I sliced in half. It was a nice change of texture and flavor.


Would substituting dry or medium sherry for the port work for making the sauce?Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

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Vegetarian Mushroom Wellington Recipe (2024)
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